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Frequently Asked Questions

How is akaAdmin different than other IT service vendors?

We follow a tested and proven IT service model that took us years to develop. This allows us to provide lightning fast response times. We close 99% of tickets within two hours of being received. We utilize cloud software to manage, monitor, document, and deliver our service to our clients. Our staff is also certified with the latest industry certifications.

Do you charge for setting up new users?

No, what kind of monstors do you take us for? 

How do we place a support ticket and track the status of an issue?

All of our customers have access to our client portal which provides the ability to check the status of support requests and serves as the line of communication between our clients and our support team. 

What does your hiring process look like?

We maintain a large database of IT consultants, many of whom have been working with us for years. We also recruit on an ongoing basis through our website, consultant referrals, and other types of outreach.

Which certifications does your staff have?

Our staff holds professional certifications from leading hardware and software providers, including Cisco, Dell, IBM, HP, Apple, Microsoft, VMware, and others.

Will akaAdmin recommend / purchase hardware / software for us?

We can usually meet or beat advertised prices on hardware and software products, and we are always happy to offer unbiased product recommendations. akaAdmin never accepts fees or gifts to recommend certain products or brands, so you can be sure our advice will always be genuine.

How are patches and updates applied?

Service packs and software updates are applied after being fully tested. We publish white and black lists of updates for those patches that cause problems. All updates are performed after business hours or according to the customer’s schedule.

Do you support mobile devices and tablets?

Yes, because we understand that your users will need to access information away from the office, and implementing a properly designed mobile management solution is critical to safeguarding company data. All of this is included in our comprehensive managed IT plans.

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